What is BackBone?

Toolbox Design BackBone is a cross-platform application framework designed from the outset to deliver rich, dynamic content from a range of content management systems. Backbone uses an advanced content caching engine that automatically downloads content in the background. It intelligently adapts between pre-caching and on-demand download processes to ensure the app has the best possible offline user experience without needlessly consuming data connections and bandwidth.

It us widely accepted that many mobile phone users are inconsistent in downloading application updates so the BackBone core goes beyond simply providing dynamic content, allowing the entire application to be re-configured and extended without the need to republish the application. If you decide at some point after publication that you wish to add an additional page, button, survey or web link, this can all be done via the CMS with no need to upgrade.

BackBone Modules

Beyond the BackBone core, the framework is designed to be highly-flexible and a range of modules can be added to provide whatever extra functionality is needed. They include: