At Toolbox Design we have created our own process for application development based on industry best practices and refined by years of working with a range of clients. This page not only guides you through that process but highlights the key milestones and requirements for developing high-quality apps in the most efficient manner.

Step 1: Agree top-level specification

The first stage is to establish the initial requirements. You may have a fully-detailed specification already, or you may have only an initial concept. We will highlight potential issues and together agree the initial strategy.

At this stage it is useful to have:

Results of Step 1: We will provide a budget estimate for the main development, and a fixed-price quote for the design phase.

Step 2: Design

Initially, we will produce a small number of screen designs to ensure you are happy that we have interpreted the branding and style information correctly. We will also undertake any research required to evaluate any technical issues, such as asset and file compatibility, platform consistency, and potential performance issues.

If you have already created a full design document this will reduce costs and the time required, but a reduced design phase will still be required to ensure that we have fully understood your requirements.

Results of Step 2: A fully-detailed Design Specification will be delivered, together with a fixed-price quote for the development phase.

Step 3: Development

The development process is designed to be agile and involve client input as much as possible, consistent with meeting the Design Specification while remaining within budget and deadline. We will deliver regular builds for you to review and evaluate, and provide access to our internal ticketing system for feedback and to check progress.

Results of Step 3: Delivery of completed application.

Step 4: Sign off and submission to app store

While submitting applications to the appropriate app stores is usually a simple process, Toolbox Design provides the benefit of long experience in trouble-free submission to ensure that no problems arise.

After submission, we also offer advise on promoting and marketing your application in a highly-competitive environment. It is also important to establish the roadmap for future development and enhancement, often employing Analytics tools for review and analysis.

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